Doctors day Celebration

Doctors on earth are like Gods in the heaven. They play a very important role in our life so that is why we dedicate a special or important day to them and it is 1st July. Yes this is the special day which is observed to thank them for their humane services to mankind.

We Lions Club Of kenichira also observed this day as one of the beautiful day of our club. We are having Dr. Prasad one of our prestigious member with his effort to prevent Diabetics, He started a research centre named Friends of Diabetics, one of the best advisor for diabetic. His principles and his own developed exercises now a boom to lot of diabetic patients all over the world.  

Dr. Ln. M.V Prasad being honoured on Doctors day.

Dr. N Sasidharan our charter president, a devoted lion all the time. His service to our club was very remarkable. He was our ZC, DC and i can tell he is our guiding lion of our club during 2016-17. Lion Dr. N Sasidharan was also honoured by our club.


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